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Squarepeg Ideas [SPIdeas LLC] is proud to offer the following professional services for your startup, small, and growing business. Get the personal, one-on-one attention you want and need to realize the solutions you're looking for, and the growth you desire.

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Squarepeg Ideas Consulting Services

Are you thinking of starting an online business, or adding an online presence to your existing business? Do you need to organize the different systems around your company and simplify the way things work? Is it time to explore the options for expanding on your current system capabilities? Then professional consulting from Barron Hansen / SPIdeas LLC is just what you are looking for.

Finally, you have the opportunity to sit down with someone who will listen to your needs and present options/solutions that maxmize cost efficiency, integrations, and simplification. There is a great big Internet full of options out there, and SPIdeas consulting clarifies which platforms will help you achieve your goals, and how to integrate various platforms to create a seamless business operation machine.

If you want to start an online business, or combination brick & mortar/online business ... spending just a few hours to get a full understanding of the different web / cloud based platforms available, how they integrate, and what combinations will work for your business vision can save dozens, or hundreds of hours of online research.

Get the answers you have about website plaforms like Joomla! & Wordpress. Ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, and open source self-hosted shopping carts. Business/Exchange Email, Zoh Mail, Microsoft Office 365, Rackspace Mail. Online accounting services like Zoho Books, Quickbooks, Freshbooks, and others, and how they can integrate with other web services/platforms. CRM's [Customer Relationship Management] services like Zoho CRM Plus and Salesforce. Social Media Management, and dashboards like Hootsuite.

SPIdeas Is An Authorized Zoho Partner

Zoho Consulting, Setup, Training

Squarepeg Ideas - Zoho Authorized Partner

Zoho offers the most affordable, fully integrated suite of business apps available. Zoho CRM Plus [Complete CRM & Client Engagement Suite], Zoho Email, Zoho Books, and the rest of the enterprise-class Zoho apps are fast to setup, customize, and deploy, and they are quickly adopted by your employees because of their ease of use and intuitive user interface. SPIdeas offers end-to-end Zoho consulting, setup, configuration, customization, deployment and staff training. Stop over-spending on your CRM, and let SPIdeas manage your Zwitch to Zoho.

Are you a brand new startup? SPIdeas can dial in exactly the Zoho services you need to save you money and time by setting you up on the integrated CRM platform designed to grow with your company from day one, through every tomorrow.

Contact SPIdeas to get your company on Zoho.

SPIdeas Is An Authorized Zoho Partner

Web Development

Squarepeg Ideas Website Development - Joomla - Wordpress - More

After building websites on the Joomla! platform for over a decade, Barron has a solid understanding of all the ways Joomla can be developed for everything from a simple 5 page business website, to a powerful blog & website, company portal, or as part of an overall web presence integrating other online/cloud services. Joomla! offers a power extension development community and Barron has worked with just about all of the premium extension developers on projects over the years, and understands how you can combine extensions to create a powerful blog, internet directory, social community, company portal, club or organization website, private membership site, and much more.

When Joomla! is not the solution for you, there are other powerful platforms available and all easily developed to meet your specific needs.

Joomla Training

Joomla Training - Learn to build and manage your own website!

Do you want a new website, but want to learn how to manage and update it yourself? Are you just interested in Joomla and want to learn the basics of installation, setup, and building? Do you want someone who can be right there with you online via screenshare to walk you through all of the parts and processes Joomla has to offer, and take you through complete setup, from hosting, to install, to configuration? Then SPIdeas has the Joomla Training service for you!

It's easy to get started. Just consider all the steps and topics you want to cover, and in a few hours of collaborative online time, you will be up and running from scratch. We will walk you through the process of setting up your Shared Hosting Plan, creating mySQL database, uploading & extracting Joomla files, installing Joomla, walk through all Global Configuration settings, install necessary plugins & extensions, and more.

During your training session[s], the following topics can also be covered: Joomla template and extensions, the Joomla Extension Directory, paid vs. free extensions & plugins, which premium/paid Joomla extensions should every website have installed, integrations with outside services, and more.

eCommerce Development

There are many eCommerce solutions available out there. There are hosted/cloud based solutions like Magento, GoDaddy Shopping Cart, and Shopify. There are self-hosted shopping carts like Magento CE, VirtuCart, and others. Depending on your needs, there may be one that is better suited to your project than others, but it is easy to say  that Shopify is one of the most powerful for the money. From a development perspective, Shopify is realtively quick to develop and deploy [depending on complexity of store and outside integrations]. And, Shopify's ability to run both your online store and your brick & mortar retail sales make it a solution that's worth the initial development investment.

If you are ready to get your eCommerce presence online, Contact SPIdeas Today.

Salesforce Administration

SPIdeas offers Salesforce administration and customization services. Please Contact Us for more information.

Online System Integration

More information coming soon...

Email Setup & Configuration

SPIdeas is the answer to your email questions. Do you need to setup your first business email service? Are you considering Microsoft Office 365? Do you need a combination of Exchange & webmail level email addresses? Is it time to migrate from a basic hosted webmail platform to professional level email service? All these questions, and more are yours with SPIdeas Email & Configuration setup services.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of business email options available, but which one is the right fit for your business? Let's discuss your business email needs, your business goals, the applicable email solutions that fit your needs, and make an informed decision about which email platform is right for your business, and your budget.

Online Research

Squarepeg Ideas Online Research

More information coming soon...