Setup your domain name on Cloudflare and ensure all of your DNS records are set up and resolving correctly.
Hosting Setup
Most hosting companies have their hosting plans set to the bare minimum. We make sure everything is optimized.
Email Setup
Most hosting companies include one or more email accounts and we will setup your main email address & any aliases.
Install WordPress
We can do a manual or automatic install of WordPress and run through updating all of the basic settings.
Basic Security
Install WordFence free edition and go through all of the primary settings and ensure everything configured correctly.
Theme & Plugins
Install your primary theme, child theme and basic necessary plugins so you can start building your website immediately.

Get Started Fast

Don’t believe the 15-minute WordPress setup claims. To do it right takes a bit of time and attention to the details, but you’ll be rewarded with a website that is fast, stable, and ready to roll.

Quick Start

Get Answers & Basic Setup
/ 2 hours
  • DNS & CDN Setup
  • Hosting Optimization
  • Email Setup
  • WordPress Install
  • WordFence Install


Launch Fast

Comprehensive Setup
/ 5 hours
  • Everything from Get Rolling
  • Theme configuration
  • RankMath SEO Installation
  • ShortPixel Install
  • LiteSpeed Configuration
  • More!

Get Rolling

Extra Time For Set Up
/ 3 hours
  • Everything From Quick Start
  • Theme Selection
  • Plugin Selection
  • Pages Setup
The fastest way to get started with your new WordPress website!