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SPIdeas LLC is a Texas-based boutique consulting and web development company that delivers the kind of one-on-one service and attention that simply can't be found at many of the large firms. SPIdeas specializes in consulting and solutions for existing & new online businesses. Our solutions are especially effective for local startups, by delivering powerful websites & ecommerce platforms, and integrating everything [website, ecommerce, email, crm, accounting, communications, etc.] for near-seamless business operation.

SPIdeas LLC offers the following professional services:

Our services can be conducted in-person, or completely online via Skype, email & chat. So, depending on what you need SPIdeas to do, you may not even have to take off your fuzzy bunny slippers.

SPIdeas also has a host of in-house web and business projects. Check out the Projects page for more information.


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The Squarepeg

Squarepeg Ideas - SPIdeas LLC Founder, Barron Hansen

Barron Hansen is 'The Squarepeg' behind SPIdeas LLC. Barron has been consulting, building web & ecommerce sites, and doing professional research for over a decade. The websites he has produced have ranged from small 5 page business websites, to complex business portals. His in-house website work has been credited with helping bring down a multi-million dollar advertising campaign for a recruiting scam, and his research services have tapped by Wall Street hedge funds.

Barron spent the last year [2015] working directly for an energy efficiency consulting, testing, and improvement company in New Orleans. He effectively helped grow the company from 11 employees to over 25, plus additional independent contractors. The growth came directly from the systematic implementation of company policy, and the selection, configuration, integration, and deployment of integrated systems designed to lower costs, while increasing accuracy and efficiency.

2016 is a new year, and the call to come back to Texas is just a bit more than Barron could handle, so he started SPIdeas LLC, took on the energy efficiency company as a client, and headed back to the big TX.

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